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Neuro Linguistic Programming trainings meet International Standards for certification and in some areas goes beyond what is required

Arteshar Mai-Rah

is a Master Trainer in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and has been actively working in the field of human development for twenty-three years.

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Welcome to In Tuition Trainings

Neuro Linguistic Programming

The Science Of How To Consciously Create Your Experience

Many people spend their lives wishing there was some magic wand, potion, or person, who'd come along to rescue them from it all.

Why wait in vain when the information and techniques of how to do it for yourself are available in an NLP 'In Tuition' training.

Famous and successful people all over the world use the same strategies and techniques that are taught at practitioner level in NLP.

  • Dr Philip McGraw   Television Life Strategist and author
  • Antony Robins   Motivational Life coach and author
  • Brandon Bays   Author of 'The Journey'

What these, and many others utilizing NLP techniques have in common is a sincere desire to assist others to get back in charge of their lives.

When we come into life, we start to make decisions about the diversity of experiences we are having. All of these experiences are encoded into memory and it's how we decide to encode them that makes the difference to how well we handle our lives.

Unfortunately, no one taught us the consequences of unhelpful encoding, so instead of experiencing our selves as confident, successful, motivated, happy, creative, healthy, intelligent, and well balanced, what we often have, is just the opposite.

Even successful companies such as IBM, Hewlett Packard, Coca Cola, Chase Manhattan, Telecom, Pacific Bell, train their upper management in NLP because they know that's what gets the consistent results that will keep their people at the top of their game, mentally and emotionally

If you were thinking that you'd prefer to be enjoying the rich tapestry of life, and all the benefits that will cause you grow and flourish, then learn how to apply NLP techniques to resolve negative emotions and limiting decisions, and gain the practical skills to create a future worth having.

An NLP Training with 'IN TUITION' will show you how.

Then you can, like many others, truly live your dreams.


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